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#UpNext: GVNG plans to elevate, educate through music – Jamaica Observer

Up-and-coming artiste GVNG, pronounced ‘gang’, has plans to not only become an international superstar but also to create a platform to educate other artistes on the steps to be taken to achieve success in the music industry.
“I want to create something in Jamaica where the country can finally have a stable or central music industry and people can come and actively learn, not necessarily classes, but they can come and probably we have a forum or we have some brochures on how you can get your publishing,” GVNG told OBERSER ONLINE.
According to him, several artistes have fallen prey to the pitfalls of the industry because of their lack of knowledge.
“God bless the few people who will tell you and share the info with you,” he added.
This, GVNG said, is part of the overall vision he hopes to see come to fruition, and it falls in step with how he describes one of his influencers, Bounty Killer, who he believes is always helping artistes to create a way for themselves.
The 30-year-old, whose given name is Ralston Dixon, said he started pursuing music in 20160 after winning a freestyle competition that Nightly Fix produced.
“Music is a thing I always love, but I started off wanting to learn how to produce and build riddims. I started making instrumentals first and then I wrote a song one day- I don’t remember the song- and deejay it for my friends and they were saying ‘yeah man that sound good, just that your delivery off and that need to fix up’,” GVNG explained.
“And a few months down the line Nightly Fix used to have this freestyle competition and me say me ago enter it and get more experience and see what needs to be done. I end up go on to win that competition and, mek me tell you, me did just start deejay – me did just start discover that me can do this,” he said.
The artiste said this experience helped him immensely as he was given pointers to work on the weaker aspects of his music, while always receiving props for his lyrics. He has continued to work on his craft and says he is now ready to show it to the world.
“I have been working on my sound, what I want to present and just getting some music together so that when I tell people that I do music and they ask for my YouTube me can’t say ‘well you know say me song dem nuh out yet’. I worked on some songs and some sounds and right now I feel like I am ready for people to really hear me,” he highlighted.
He added that he released an EP called Lifestyle which contains seven tracks and recently released a music video for one of the songs.
GVNG wants to follow the footsteps of another of his influences, Vybz Kartel, to bring back “some niceness to music”.
Accridng to him, the music being produced now does not appeal to everyone.
“I have joined the many voices that have been saying that music nuh really that nice again for everybody. The sound that I am coming with, its new, but at the same time it provides variety that was being delivered from around 2018 coming up,” he said.
“Kartel a me artiste so me haffi know say me haffi versatile, lyrical and can find some topics that are common, but might not be at the front of your mind when you think about it. I don’t care who want to run the place, I want to stand out. I want set it (the trend) and who want follow it, follow.”
The artiste continued by stating that his driving force in music is attaining the vision he has for himself and creating music that in some way can help others.
“I have a vision, sometimes I can’t really speak it out because I don’t really understand it, but piece by piece it’s getting there. I want to entertain. My music is supposed to do one of three things, it’s supposed to elevate you, educate you or entertain you,” GVNG said proudly.
“So if you feel sad, me supposed to can sing something for you to come out of that feeling for a minute, through education, I should be able to pass on some knowledge in my music, and entertainment – it’s just making something that people like that they can dance and move to and sing along too,” the artiste added.
GVNG’s music can be found on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and all major streaming platforms.



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